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21 de Enero del 2000

ELIAN'S FATHER SCREAMS LOUDLY HERE, BUT DOES NOT GO THERE. By Migdalia Rosado of Tamarindo 34 Fasting Group for Human Rights, for Cuba Free Press.

Havana.-If Elian's father Juan Miguel Gonzalez, after finding out that his son had survived a shipwreck and was safe in the United States, had gone directly to Jose Marti Airport to buy a ticket, I am sure that the child would already would have been back here. But what he did was to lend himself to the government to star in this whole show that makes the child's return more difficult.

Now they want to send the grandmothers who, with visas, did not go at first because they weren't sure that they could bring back the child. They sure are stretching this balserito's (Little Raft Rider's) story for all it's worth! The father now is boastfully proclaiming from here but shows no great interest. If he were interested, he would be yelling over there to Miami.

In statements made recently on Cuban television, Mr. Alarcon asks why does the father have to bring Elian, since there exists the possibility of Elian's being brought here. I ask myself, "Who benefits here and whose child is it?"

I believe that if the law is ruled in Juan Miguel's favor, he should go get the child. He is the one who is claiming him. And according to Cuba's regime he is the only one who has all the rights to the child. We do not have to accommodate Mr. Gonzalez, especially after he lends himself to be part of all this fiasco.

As always, the United States government is the one granting visas and perhaps an airplane so that the grandmothers can travel. That government seems always to be trying to resolve the problems created by the Cuban regime. Isn't it absurd that while thousands of Cubans live in dilapidated homes, supposedly -- according to the government -- because there are no building materials due to the supposed U.S. embargo, that the Parque de la Fuente (Park of the Fountain) located at the Malecon in front of the Office of U.S. Interests is in good condition. So we can build a platform for protests for Elian's return? And all this could have been resolved by a single airline ticket for the minor's father! This would have then been resolved by the Cuban government, not the U.S. government. The boy would have been returned to the father from the start. But they had to complicate matters.

It is without doubt that something else lies behind Elian. As the song says: "The time of idiots has come to an end..." (El tiempo de los bobos se acabo...)

Migdala Rosado, Tamarindo 34 Group for Human Rights, for Cuba Free Press.

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