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03 de Enero del 2000

HAVANA IS FLOODED WITH COUNTERREVOLUTIONARY LEAFLETS. Information provided by correspondents of Cuba Free Press.

Havana.- The small airplane which entered the skies over Havana on Jan. 1 flew as low as the height of the Cohiba Hotel and dropped thousands of leaflets onto the streets of the capital. Here's what the leaflets said:

"The communist bloc, led by the Soviet Union, has collapsed and all of its satellite countries throughout Eastern Europe have heralded their end. The communists in Cuba are engaged in mortal combat but the old dinosaur, Fidel Castro and his henchmen insist on fighting the evolutionary tide of humanity.

"The moment is here. Kosovo and Western Timor have fought against their dictatorships and have triumphed. The United Nations, the United States, NATO and other superpowers have intervened to support and defend the oppressed and the weak and have accused the leaders in the Kremlin, Milosevic, Pinochet and Fidel Castro for their crimes against humanity and accused them in front of international tribunals. God and justice ordain all Cuban patriots to take a stand and smash the savage and tyrannical regime. Therefore, after receiving this statement, each Cuban must:

"1- Spread this proclamation in the most efficient manner.
2- Call for a general strike and man the streets demanding the right to own your own destiny and your human rights.
3- Protest in key venues such as the work, military and administrative sites, calling upon soldiers and police to return to a just national cause.
4- Take over radio and television stations using the mass media to call for a general uprising.
5- Coordinate the forces of internal resistance with those abroad, including those who fight for freedom in Vietnam, China, Korea, etc., in a common plan of general uprising to destroy the tyrant in Havana and his cruel government and to build a free, independent, and prosperous Cuba."

"You, as you cow your heads, the Castro brothers sit upon your shoulders. You, taking a stand, the Castro brothers will collapse."

Signature not legible. "Commandant in Chief of the World Anti-Communist Forces."

Everyone in Havana is talking about this incident. And they are all asking how it was possible for the small plane to enter and exit Cuban airspace without getting shot down since it was flying as low as a stone's throw. People say, "We thought it was impossible to enter and leave. Or is it?"

By Cuba Free Press.

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