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June 29, 1999, Cuba Free Press.


HAVANA - Cuba's Christian Liberation Movement (CLM) issued a document on June 28 intended for all Cubans. It discussed social changes needed for the country. The message, labeled "The Cuban's Liberation" was given to Cuba Press by Oswaldo Paya Sardiñas, national coordinator of the CLM.

The document said Cubans want and need changes but the worst problem lies in expecting factors to change without involving the people.

The CLM warns that the problem worsens when the rights of the disillusioned are violated and their prospects of integral development are reduced or canceled, and they are incapable of trying to seek liberation.

It says this demonstrates that it is the person himself or herself who is in crisis and not the surroundings. The document specifies, "It is here where we propose for Cuba and the Cubans a liberation process."

The opposition group states that the liberating process needs a social movement in which all Cubans participate. It would be a movement directed to transform society, establish the bases for the future and fashion its own project as a nation.

This social movement requires actions from free, responsible, generous, humble, daring and determined persons. It is necessary to develop certain aspects such as solidarity and mobilization of the Cubans with regards to their fundamental rights.

"The Cuban people must intervene in its own destiny because it not only suffers in the present situation but also because its future is being sown with mines and expropriated."

The CLM considers that a new and irreversible situation, the loss of fear and the determination to achieve peaceful change, must be made to happen. To accomplish the above the paper's author reflect on how to define the means: "What can we do? How do we do it?" And the author responds that first "the subject must be defined along with the main character for this task."

In another part of the message, personal liberation is analyzed as well as those who are called to this liberation. Further on the means are pointed out and "the civic way."

The document does not intend to give specific tactical recommendations but it does strongly advise the initiation of a social movement with the participation of the people. Liberation implies a democratization process, practicing with solidarity the fundamental rights which the law recognizes. It warns that those rights must not be limited to the human rights' groups but given to all the people.

The dissident movement recognizes that it is time for the citizens to practice freedom of expression and criticism without fear; it is time to demand from the authorities compliance with their obligations and respect for the citizens' rights.

"We have to, by freeing the present, free our children who are already in peril, leaving with them the conditions and values with which they may respond to the challenges of their time," so as to "contribute their share while humanity pilgrimages towards the civilization of love." The CLM paper urges Cubans "to be the main characters of our own history," as urged by Pope John Paul II. Oswaldo Payá Sardiñas signs the document,

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