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HAVANA'S ROMAN CATHOLIC STUDENTS ORGANIZE, MEET By Jorge Diego Rodríguez Delgado, Cuba Free Press.

HAVANA - Graduate students of the University Catholics are organizing functions at this capital's archdiocese.

The students meet weekly in Nuestra Señora del Carmen's Parish, at Infanta and Neptuno streets in the Center City sector of Havana. The group has as its objective the promotion of a new university student, one who pursues the Christian way.

This entails taking the evangelical values to the heart of the students. It also explicitly intends "to encourage the development of critical judgment and the compromise of the university student with the surroundings."

In the weekly meetings the members of the Catholic University Students group pray, reflect on and exchange experiences. They also seek to enrich their faith and spirituality.

Jorge Diego Rodríguez Delgado, Cuba Free Press.

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