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May 31, 1999.

JAILERS BAN RELIGIOUS ICONS FOR PRISONERS By Marvin Hernández Monzón, Cuba Free Press.

HAVANA - Prison authorities at the maximum security prison, Ariza, in Cienfuegos province threaten inmates with severe disciplinary measures if they are caught using religious artifacts such as rosaries, medals or chains.

Veneraldo Caballero Corbellas, in charge of prisoners' "reeducation" at the penal facility, announced the exemplary punishment after an incident on May 5 when sub-officer Raidel Blanco Diaz violently grabbed a rosary from the neck of inmate Santiago Perez Rodriguez.

The news bulletin from the Political Prisoner watch movement at Ariza reported that the inmate also refused to accuse the military officer because the inmate feared reprisals. The bulletin also said authorities took a position of "deaf ears" towards the complaints filed by a political prisoner at Ariza for the violation of the right to worship freely.

By Marvin Hernández Monzón, Cuba Free Press

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