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May 28, 1999.< >

WHAT A "BEAUTIFUL" WAY TO RESPECT THE PEOPLE By Alberto Iglesias, Cuba Free Press.

HAVANA - For a few hours on May 24, the state/produce markets in Pinar del Rio were stocked with products! There were many comments about it. One neighbor even dared to ask: "Do we have a new government or are they just trying to prevent something from happening like in Santiago de Cuba?"

According to an official from the "Acopio Agropecuario" enterprise who came with orders to start the sale, all the action related to the expected visit of a high-level government commission which, "coincidentally," was checking the sale of farm products by the government in this province.

The sale started at 10 a.m. By 12:25 the shelves were empty again, since all they had was what had been on display.

On that day, the citizens were able to judge once again the "profound respect" for them which the leadership claims to feel.

By Alberto Iglesias, Cuba Free Press.

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