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May 12, 1999.

AUTHORITIES PROHIBIT MEDICINE DELIVERY BY FAMILY OF JAILED JOURNALIST By Ricardo González Alfonso, Cuba Free Press (as translated by a volunteer).

HAVANA - A frequent critic of government control, journalist Jesús Joel Díaz Hernández, 25, was imprisoned at the Canaleta jail in Ciego de Ávila five days in solitary confinement but was released from that punishment cell May 10. Prison officials refused to help with most medicine taken by family members to the journalist.

Díaz Hernández, director of the Avilan Independent Journalists Cooperative, is held in cell 36 of the provincial prison. One family source said prison authorities only permitted delivery of 15 vitamin pills from the medicines taken to Díaz Hernández, according to Pedro Argüelles, Cuba Free Press correspondent in that territory.

The journalist was sentenced Jan. 19 to four years at a correction center by the municipal tribunal of Morón in the first legal action of 1999 in a supposed state of social emergency.

Ricardo González Alfonso, Cuba Free Press.

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