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April 29, 1999.

RAÚL RIVERO ACCEPTS INVITATION TO WORLD MEETING IN ZURICH HAVANA - Esteemed Timothy Balding, Director General of the World Association of Newspapers:

Your cordial invitation to take part in the 52nd Congress of the World Association of Newspapers, to be held in Zurich, Switzerland this coming June has just arrived.

I read with care the program of speakers and the themes selected appear to me to have great importance for the development of our profession in the coming century.

For me, personally, it will be an honor to take part in the program with such distinguished colleagues on these and other themes - such as freedom of the press - which are eternally found in meetings of journalists.

I will immediately begin the requirements to obtain an exit permit which the Ministry of Interior must give me, according to the Cuban laws. It is a slow and laborious process but I have the hope of being able to greet you personally at your association's important event.

Through our dear friend Juan Granados I will keep you informed about the response to my request for a permit.

With fraternal greeings,

Signed: Raúl Rivero Castañeda.

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