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April 26, 1999, Cube Press.

ANTIBIOTICS AVAILABLE ON THE BLACK MARKET By Ricardo González Alfonso, Cuba Free Press.

HAVANA - The scarcity of antibiotics and analgesics often brings complaints from hospital patients such as those at the Celia Sanchez Manduley hospital in Manzanillo, a city in the province of Granma. But one can find almost anything on the black market.

Products such as parazetanol, sulfraprín, tetracycline and other similar items may be found on sale by some black marketeer for $5 to $10 per packet of 10 pills, according to Jesús Labrador Arias, correspondent for Cuba Free Press in that Manzanillo area.

The illegal sale of medicines is a phenomenon which occurs in the capital city as well as other regions on the island. At the recently concluded VIII Congress of Health Workers a condemnation was adopted of this kind of black marketeering.

Ricardo González Alonso, Cuba Free Press.

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