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April 23, 1999

IN CUBA, MASS ACTING AND MOVING PERFORMANCES TAKE PLACE By Raśl Rivero, Cuba Free Press (as translated by a volunteer).

HAVANA - The material devastation of the country, decimated by messianic economic plans and a colossal lack of skill, must find some remedy in the short run through a combination of wisdom and resources. Now, how much time does Cuba need to emerge out of its spiritual ruins?

It happens that we are living in an ill society. The generations that populate this archipelago* now have resorted to dozens of tricks and disguises in order to survive or to stand out in a system that requires an unconditional surrender of both body and soul. Then the simulation feast takes form. Some find in their genetic makeup the amount of mischievousness necessary for this feast. Others turn out on the streets trying to be talented actors reciting a script with naturalness; then mass acting and moving performances take place.

This leads to the generalization and dissemination of something that even the official press refers to as double living; which in reality is triple, quadruple or multiple.

This subject has a very wide range which, with ease and nonchalance, goes from private life and love life, at one end, to the workplace stage, at the other, and then, it projects its metastasis into the future.

I will explain. Due to the housing shortage, many people get married not because of love but in order to get a roof over their heads. Other people who are humble and in rags overachieve their assigned workplace goals and their assigned hours of nighttime workplace security watch, attend some "volunteer" state convened agricultural chores and do not forget to pat the administrator and the Party comrades on their shoulders. But, yes, sure enough, these people have registered their names in the "bombo," which is what they call the lottery for (USA) visas.

One guy in this group, who goes by the nickname "Forever," when returning home on his Chinese bicycle after a flawless work day, ruminates with satisfaction: "Any time now I'll be leaving these people behind."

This way of living is a legitimate defense of the individual. But it implies a real deformation. Lies and misrepresentation, simulations and silence are a straight path that leads to moral twisting.

I could give examples and offer some people's names for this kind of falsehood and many other misrepresentation modalities but I live here and am contaminated myself. I must dissimulate myself too in order not to turn into "critical and acute" the symptoms of a pathological condition that has a network of little outposts disseminated everywhere.

Of course, some groups are more vulnerable. In certain sectors of society it is easier to detect this misrepresentation-culture popularly known with many names like "national guavas," "blab," "molar tooth," "shuffling," "clogging," "tobacco" and others. Such a sector is the official press.

Not long ago a reporter of a national daily (government) newspaper said that the journalism practiced by the national Cuban media will one day replace the international press agencies and the world's greatest newspapers and will establish itself all over the planet. This was written by a man over the age of 50. That reporter has the right to say that but then he has the duty to believe it.

These days Vladimir Ilich Lenin would be celebrating his 129th birthday and the daily "Juventud Rebelde" ("Rebel Youth," official organ of the organization for the young of the Cuban Communist Party) published an article that ends with the sentence: "Cubans do not forget him." That is really true.

I would like to finish this with an optimistic uprising paragraph with a proposal aimed at alleviating these matters of spirituality and conscience. But I can't. At least not today.

Raśl Rivero, Cuba Free Press.

* Cuba is often designated as an archipelago made up of the main island, the second largest island named Isle of Pines (renamed by Castro "Isle of Youth") and many other much smaller surrounding islands. More often, however, Cuba is designated as an island, which is more traditional and has profound historical roots, supported by the disparity in size and population between the main island and the others. From a strictly geographical point of view, the archipelago designation is maybe more accurate.

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