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CUBA, WHERE THE WINNER BECOMES A PUNISHED OUTCAST By Juan Antonio Sánchez, Cuba Free Press (as translated by a volunteer).

HAVANA - Ana Sixta Zambrana, a young teacher of pre-schoolers was the object of a "Rejection Rally" in the municipality of Mantua, Pinar del Rio Province. The reason? She had won a lottery; the prize was the granting of a visa by the U.S. government.

Ana has been working in the "Valientes Mambisitos Day Care Center" (The Mambis were the freedom fighters at the time of the Cuban Independence War against Spain near the end of the last century). Soon after the news broke, she was fired. Her neighbors' heard that she was dismissed because she was a possible emigrant.

Ramona Rodríguez Obregón, the day care center's manager organized the Rally which was held in front of Ana's house. Ms. Zambrana, who also has been a nursing student has also been expelled from the university.

Reports are that unemployment has caused the young woman serious economic problems. She has lost her livelihood and that of her child. When asked about the case, local authorities said, "This is the way it has been planned. These measures are compulsory, and they are rigorously applied."

Juan Antonio Sánchez, Cuba Free Press.

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