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Havana, July 14, 1998, Cuba Free Press.

March 24, 1999

NEARLY 10,000 'HOLGUINEROS' READY TO JOIN POLICE IN HAVANA By Marvin Hernández Monzón, Cuba Free Press.

HAVANA - Some 9,800 young people from the province of Holguin are ready to head for Havana to be trained as police in the Cuban capital, according to a Communist Party periodical in the area.

In fact, 600 of these "Holguineros" (Holguinans) have already left for training in Havana as "a reply to the call from the Maximum Leader of the Cuban government" during the recent 40th anniversary of the constitution of the National Revolutionary Police (PNR), the paper said.

Some Havanans have told Cuba Free Presss that this is the opportunity for dissatisfied people outside the city to move to the capital without being persecuted or deported back to the terrain of origin.

Marvin Hernández Monzón, Cuba Free Press.

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