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March 26, 1999 10:28 PM


HAVANA - Hanging from a tree in his father's backyard, handcuffs on his right hand, Jorge Nunez, Jr., 31, was found on the morning of March 14 in Havana's Bainoa neighborhood. This case has caused considerable irritation amongst the dwellers of Bainoa, as explained below.

The night before the death, Nunez was caught by a man named Omar, dressed in a uniform, and an agricultural guard named Benito, since the young man was carrying three bags of sweet potatoes stolen from the Basic Production Cooperative Unit, "Ho Chi Min" in Bainoa.

"You are going to rot in jail," Omar told their captive who answered, "First I will kill myself." At the first lapse of attention on the part of his captors, Jorge jumped from the vehicle supposed to haul him to the police unit, in Jaruco municipality.

Nunez escaped after he rolled on the pavement, hiding a few minutes later in the house of his sister, Magaly, where his arm scratches were dressed. According to Magaly, her brother stayed under her protection until 5 a.m. when he heard the noise from a tractor which he thought was the police coming back to capture him.

This time the youth jumped out a rear window and vanished. The noise had not been the police, but he never learned of his misperception. Three hours later his lifeless body was found. When his father, Jorge, Sr., a sugarcane worker, found the corpse he shouted, "Where is the sector chief, Remberto?" The father told others who gathered that Remberto knew quite well the psychiatric problems his son had and blamed him for the youth's suicide, showing medical reports vouching for his statements about his son's condition.

The senior Nunez recounted the many times he had spoken to the sector chief asking that his son receive police treatment appropriate not only to his behavior but also to his mental condition.

People in the area express anger about this case, not only because of the youth's age but his illness. They also were angry at the sector chief who uses Omar as an agent. Dozens of stories link Omar to a series of delinquent acts, similar to the one the younger Nunez was charged with. They expect the agent will offer a cover-up story about his role as "policeman" so long as he is guaranteed part of the booty.

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