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CIEGO DE ÁVILA - Editorial note: Political prisoner Bulmaro Víctor Gómez Díaz sent the following in a letter to his parents from Cell No. 1 of the Office of State Security (OSS)in the solitary confinement zone of the provincial prison known as Canaleta:

"Canaleta Prison, Jan. 22, 1999

"My beloved old folks. My beautiful old granny. A huge kiss and all my love for every one of you and may the peace of God be with you all. I'm okay here. You will be asking, what has Gustavo, my OSS shadow, done regarding the promise he made about letting me see the sun and changing me to another cell? That's a natural question and it's easy to answer: Nothing. And I don't want to be mistaken but I'm sure he will never do anything.

"The day of your last visit I asked Gustavo to see whether Eugenio, the 're-educator' of Department 9, might take me out into the sunshine so I could play basketball with the other prisoners and I remember that he said, 'Leave it to me and I'll see that it happens.' Do you remember? Well, a month has passed and nothing has changed. For my part, I have run out of energy in trying to get something done. And I see, before all else, the arrogance, the preponderance...

"Meanwhile, I have as much pride as I need and if I have given up other things much more important and not yet died from it, then I will change things in my own manner. But don't be afraid of violence. I have learned that this is just what they want me to do.

"Look at how much one has to stand from these communists. It so happens that yesterday Valor the prosecutor visited me. And after the polite greetings, he said, 'You already have spent considerable time here. Haven't they told you when they will transfer you to the military detachment?'

"'Look,' I told him, 'this is a little more difficult to explain because it takes time. But I won't live in the military detachment with the criminal prisoners because they have certain peculiarities and vice versa.'

"'What's the difference, since you also are a criminal prisoner,' he told me. 'No sir,' I said. 'I'm a political prisoner.'

"Then he said, 'In Cuba there are no political prisoners. There are criminal prisoners and counterrevolutionary prisoners. We have no political prisoners.'

"'What do you call a revolution?' I asked. 'What we have here? No, sir,' I said. 'This is no revolution. Tell that to someone who doesn't know what revolution means.'

"He is very cynical and goes around saying that he imparts justice for guards and prisoners. But this man spends a lot of time here and knows well about the thousands of beatings yet never has done anything. Then he comes around pretending not to understand…after some bestiality that has occurred here.

"I asked him, 'Have you caught on yet that the "bloody dictatorship" of Batista provided more freedom than the "humanistic, benevolent and democratic" tyranny of Castro?'

"Castro has gone even farther. He seeks out the words that impress the people: Counterrevolutionaries, agents of imperialism, unpatriotic, terrorists, etc.

"In reality, the true revolutionaries are those of us who in one way or another oppose the system of the Castros and their comrades. I am a prisoner. Take away my humanity so as to convert me into an object of state property. I know they will give me what they want when they decide to. I have no rights. The sun, the living conditions, the rations...

They are the state, folks. To hell with it. It does not surprise me that they have sent (Rafael Roque) Ibarra back again to the Kilo 8 prison. Nothing that these people do surprises me. Regarding the letter he sent to the tyrant, I read it and in my opinion it was good. What happened was that some personages from Havana tried to buy him with the humiliating idea that they would give him liberty if he would renounce his beliefs. This is their way. It has always been that way.

"Ibarra told them off the way they deserved and refused to bow down to them. He was the greater for it…

"I send you all my love. And I don't want you to lose weight. And may His blessings be with you always. Kisses, kisses and more kisses. Yours forever, Bulmaro."

Pedro Argüelles Morán, Cuba Free Press.

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