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March 5, 1999.

CUBA'S TELE COMPANY, "ETECSA," PLAYS 'JOKES' By Ariel Tapia, Cuba Free Press.

HAVANA - Soon after the Office of State Security (OSS) finished its overwhelming sweep of non-government journalists on Monday, March 2 - during the trial of the four signatories of "The Homeland Belongs to Us All" - Cuba's Telecommunications' outfit, known as "ETECSA," reconnected the telephone services of the independent journalists.

One such telephone that had been censored by the political police was that of journalists Tania Quintero and Ivan García. After Monday's glorious events, very early on Tuesday, Ivan García heard his phone ringing.

When he answered, he heard a telephone operator from ETECSA notifying him that his phone line had been repaired. Iván said this must be a joke, since his phone line had not been out of order but had been deliberately interrupted by orders of the OSS. The operator retorted, in a stern manner, that the company had nothing to do with any breach of privacy and, "This is a professional institution."

The last words of Cuba Free Press's weary journalist before hanging up were, "In Cuba all things are possible."

Ariel Tapia, Cuba Free Press.

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