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March 2, 1999, Cuba Free Press.

A CALL ON MARCH 2 TO ALL PEOPLE OF GOOD WILL: "SOS!" By Ernestina Rosell, Cuba press.

HAVANA - It is dawn in Cuba and in its cities and fields it seems like a day like any other day. But here every day conveys the sad charm of having concealed an exceptional incident in censure. Four Cubans, well known for their honesty and professionalism spent, without due process, 20 months in jail before eventually going to trial.

There is other bad news: Massive detentions mostly of opposition groups' members and independent journalists. How many Cubans know what happened today? I try to phone my colleagues Héctor, Odalys, Nico during the first attempt to communicate. The telephone-system (ETECSA) computer voice pounds my tympanic membrane, telling me: "The number dialed is not in service." This is language abuse and a technical violation and it offends human intelligence! The truth is that the "service" has been cancelled and freedom has been suppressed.

I try to call Ricardo González Alfonso. Again the computer voice, "The dialed number is not in service." Of course it is not in service. It has been cancelled. But the affected consumer is lost and in Cuban slang, "unvaccinated". Unable to be found, showing off its hyperkinesis, from one phone to the next, from consumer to consumer, a voice conceals both the subject's activity and the truth behind what is happening.

I follow up by calling Raúl, the poet, the journalist, the friend. The ringing phone numbs me; eternity waits to happen while I hold for someone to pick up the phone. Where is Raúl Rivero? Bécquer, could it be that in Cuba there would be no poets, poetry or independent journalists? The Bible reads that there is a time to be silent and a time to speak. The timing is the human being's decision, as proclaimed by divine law. It is obvious that I have few alternatives and so I write.

These are the first fruits of the "Titanic Law" or the "Gag Law" as per popular acclaim; i.e., the expanding euphemism called "Law for National Independence and etc." No way! It is too long a name. And brevity is the genius of the soul. I would rather use the people's choice.

It is a trial balloon whose purpose is to see how much coercion against a people in bondage, and under an internal embargo on information, international public opinion will tolerate. Today the restraints are related to the Group of Four. Tomorrow it will be because of a word, and the word will turn into jail or exile.

Yes, it is dawn in Cuba. I rush to pray for the spiritual fortitude of my colleagues, for the softening of the hardened hearts of the Cuban ruling class, and for the planet's people of good will to do something.

It is dawn in Cuba. I pray for mercy for the accused and compassion for the prisoners. And I implore that with the rise of the sun, people not only will open their eyes but wake up!

Ernestina Rosell, Cuba Free Press.

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