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February 20, 1999.

NON-GOVERNMENT, INDEPENDENT CUBAN WRITERS SEND OPEN LETTER APPEAL TO THE WORLD Signed by members of Cuba Free Press, Cuba Truth, Independent Journalists Cooperative, Journalists and Independent Cuban Writers Union and Appropriate Work Group, Free People's Agency (APL), Eastern Free Press Agency (APLO), Santiago Press Agency, Havana Press, Independent Press Bureau of Cuba, Avileña Cooperative of Independent Journalists, Fatherland Agency and Journalists Free of Government Control, and freelancers not members of any particular agency. Dated: Feb. 19, 1999.

HAVANA - The People's National Assembly has recently approved the law to "Protect National Independence and the Cuban Economy."

The destiny of this law is to sacrifice the independent journalists' movement which has established itself in this country during the past few years. The severity of the proposed sanctions and the detailed wording have provoked immediate consternation, disbelief and indignation amongst those of us who are reporters working outside of the state's control.

Since we started to work we have been subjected to imprisonment, harassment and threats. We want to inform our colleagues in the rest of the world that we have been subjected to this new instrument of repression with profound preoccupation and concern. Once again we ask you to raise your voices in solidarity so that the Cuban society and the world's public opinion is not deprived of the alternative vision which our work has provided in these recent years.

We carry out a professional work, objective and close to the truth. We have no political leanings and we do not defend an ideology. Our purpose is only to describe the daily life in our country.

We ask for the backing of all democratic institutions committed to free expression so that we may exercise the right to inform and to receive information.

Signed by members of Cuba Free Press, Cuba Press, UPECI, Cuba Verdad, Cooperativa de Periodistas Independientes, Grupo de Trabajo Decoro, Agencia Pueblo Libre, Agencia de Prensa Libre Oriental –APLO--, Santiago Press, Habana Press, Buró de Prensa Independiente, Agencia Sindical Independiente de Cuba, Cooperativa Avileña de Periodistas Independientes, Agencia Patria, Agencia Libertad de Las Tunas y Centro Norte del País. Dated: Feb. 19, 1999.

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