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February 19, 1999, Cuba Free Press.

NEW LAW TARGETS INDEPENDENT JOURNALISTS FEB. 24, 1999 By Marvin Hernádez Monzón, Cuba Free Press.

HAVANA - "At twelve noon on Feb. 24 the new law to settle the score with you will go into effect."

That was the message that two agents of the Office of State Security (OSS) delivered to Isabel Rey Rodríguez, 58, a Cuba Free Press Journalist in Villa Clara province on the afternoon of February 18. She has been working with Cuba Free Press since 1998.

The two agents representing Villa Clara, one of Cuba's central provinces, were Lt. Yusdarmy de la Vega and Officer "Demetrio," who said they were "visiting" at the orders of Capt. Castellón.

The journalist said she thought the visit was to intimidate her by threatening her with action under the recent repressive law dictated by the Cuban Government and aimed at the free journalists and dissidents. The public is beginning to name it "the Titanic Law."

The two political policemen, presenting what the journalist thought was a faked cordial manner, gave her a copy of the government newspaper "Granma." The government's declaration against the independent reporters can be found there.

One of the agents told the reporter, "You are an older person and the best you can do is to mind your family. We pay people to listen to Radio Martí and we know everything you report."

The agents also told Rey Rodríguez that from now on she should seek refuge in church. She lives on the 26th of July Ave. in the town of La Esperanza (The Hope).

Marvin Hernández Monzón, Cuba Free Press.

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