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February 5, 1999, Cuba Free Press.

CUBAN NANNY SETS, REACHES FOR RECORD By Tania Quintero, Cuba Free Press.

HAVANA - In Bauta, one of the 19 municipalities in Havana province, a nanny goat has set a national record and is challenging the world by having sextuplets. Most of her kind bring not more than three into the world at one time, with two being most common.

The nanny's owner is being very careful about giving out information and hopes to be able to use the nanny's offspring for breeding stock.

The goat's milk is much prized because certain human children are intolerant of cow's milk and must have a substitute.

In the santeria religion, one of the most popular among Afro-Cubans, goats and calves are often used for sacrifices. So there will be a tremendous demand for goats that can produce more than their share of babies among adherents to the santeria deities such as Orula, Shangó and others.

Tania Quintero, Cuba Free Press.

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