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December 30, 1998, Cuba Free Press.

"TO LIVE, LADY…LIVING HERE IS NOT LIVING" By Tania Quintero, Cuba Free Press. HAVANA - Without much as personal goals or things to look forward to, Cubans welcome 1999, a year which coincides with the 40th anniversary of Castro's gaining power, January 1, 1999.

Forty years of the same government have led to a significant physical and spiritual wasting away in Cubans. The ones most affected by this are the young who, almost without exception, are eager to leave the country. "What for?" I asked one of those disillusioned youth who was born in 1969, just as the Revolution reached its 10th anniversary.

"To live, lady, because living here is not living," he responded, somewhat annoyed.

An older lady, who will turn 80 in 1999, summarizes the feelings of a good part of the people: "The blindness and the stubbornness of those in power, who refuse to leave it or make changes and make room for others: That is the worst disaster for us. I never thought that the people who made the revolution would be clinging to power in such a manner. I have wasted half my life waiting in lines and trying to survive and now I'm barely making it on my retirement income as a teacher and don't have any family who can support me from abroad. For what I have left to live, I don't much care anymore. The only thing I want is that if I should die before 2000, for me to be dressed in my finery. I hope all my neighbors attend my burial; that's all I have left. Oh, and my little dog Malu."

By Tania Quintero, Cuba Free Press.

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