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December 28, 1998, Cuba Free Press.

CATHOLIC NATIONAL DAY AGAINST ABORTION. Por Efrén Martínez Pulgarón, Cuba Free Press.

HAVANA - The Pro-Life Cuba Movement in the archdioceses of Havana declared December 28 "the Day for National Prayer Against Abortion." That day the church conmemorated the festivity of the Holy Innocents, remembering the killing of children ordered by King Herod.

Pro-Life Cuba produced a poster devoted to faith and stating that there are 44 millions of abortions every year in the world. About 4 million occur in Latin America while in Cuba, liberal abortion practice have increased over the past 50 years.

Pro-Life Cuba asked all Roman Catholics to pray in their communities December 28 for "the triumph of life and that all people come to understand the evil in abortion."

The message carrying the theme, "Saying no is saying yes to life, and saying yes to life is saying yes to God," also calls for prayer for aborted unborn children, for the mothers who in the majority of the cases have authorized the physical elimination of the unborn children and for all those who in some manner have contributed or participated in an abortion, especially the doctors who have personally done them.

Pro-Life Cuba suggested that in the midst of the happy celebration of the birth of Jesus a moment for prayer take place so that humanity discover that Christmas is the festivity of a child who is born and that the appreciation for life grow in the world as a sacred gift of extraordinary value.

Martínez Pulgarón, Cuba Free Press.

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