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December 23, 1998.


ARIZA PRISON - Crying, I said good-bye to another loved one who left the island in search of perspective. The first time was in 1993. Since then my family has remained, branded, like the rest, by the following circumstances: Emigration and jail.

Nevertheless there is relief in the pain. At least we are spared the loss of a family member in the absurd Angolan war or some other Cuban military intervention, or lost at sea in an attempt to reach other shores.

The disunity is imposed by an exacting ideology, which prefers its principles to family unity. The determinants are many, and it looks as if we are attending the funeral of the Cuban family.

In the past 40 years, the island's reality has distorted (the family's) mission. A bypass in history promoted the temporal values of an ideology pregnant with promises which exclude traditional values.

The family, the center of society, was affected. Many were the reasons, servitude, convenience or coercion, which affected these bonds. The revolutionary project became the principal destroyer of national harmony. Cuba has seen, and still sees how sons, mothers, fathers, brothers and wives and all kinds of successions are harmed by the separation.

Castro's revolution started with an educational order in absolute agreement with its dogma. It swept away the rules of family commitment. It promulgated a system of education based on the veneration of an ideology and the cult of its leaders. It imposed instructions, abolished options and split the family by means of contradictions, conflict and meanness.

Nevertheless, it is in the family where the human being learns love. If its integrity disappears, the best ingredients emerge for the loss of moral and ethic values.

During his visit to Cuba, his holiness John Paul prayed for the recovery of these ties and urged us not to search for them other than in the heart. That would be the premise for social renewal. The Catholic Church waits for this. The government turned the page with the Pope's departure.

Presently the authorities are commercializing the intent by the families in exile to get close again. That false reconciliation arrives infected by a policy of economic recuperation no matter what. Only one goal: to obtain from the families their remittances, the necessary foreign exchange to extend the time of an already failed project.

Cubans have to concentrate in peace today. They must take a first step, essential for Cuba is to save its virtues. The family is the principal of these. Without family integrity there is no integrity in the homeland. As Father Varela stated, "There is no homeland without virtue."

By Augusto CÚsar Albistur, Cuba Free Press.

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