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December 18, 1998, Cuba Free Press.

GOVERNMENT RELEASES BISCET AND YYOBRE By Ricardo González Alfonso, Cuba Free Press.

HAVANA - The government released Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet, 37, and Rolando Munoz Yyobre, 29, without charges the evening of December 17. They had remained on a hunger strike since December 15, while being held at the Technical Department of Investigations (DTI), at 100th and Aldabo. Biscet and Munoz Yyobre are the president and vice president, respectively, of the banned Lawton Foundation for Human Rights.

Bescet told this reporter afterwards, "I'm in high spirits but I suffer from a severe headache as a result of the hunger strike."

Biscet had been arrested at the intersection of Porvenir and San Francisco streets, in the 10th-and-October community, while Yyobre had been arrested at home in the neighborhood of Luyano.

By Ricardo González Alfonso, Cuba Free Press.

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