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December 11, 1998, Cuba Free Press.

INDEPENDENT WORKERS' UNION ADDRESSES CUBAN GOVERNMENT By Efrén Martínez Pulgarón, Cuba Free Press. HAVANA - The Democratic Confederation of Workers of Cuba, an independent, i.e., non-government group, on December 10 urged the Cuban government to comply with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Benigno Torralba, secretary general of the organization, revealed a copy of the message to this reporter. At one point, the declaration emphasized that the ideal procedure would be for every country in the world to accept the text of the declaration as its own. "However," the message added, "there still exist states with rigid dictatorships, as is the case in Cuba, in which almost all the universal articles of human rights are violated."

Another part of the message adds: "The Democratic Confederation of Workers of Cuba urges the government not only to comply with the human rights articles but immediately to cease arbitrary arrests and respect the rights of every person and authorize liberty of opinion, expression, meetings and associations."

The members of this peaceful opposition group recalled that the universal declaration may not be interpreted at the convenience of the states but must be considered as a guarantee of peace, justice and equality.

The group's officials read the communication at a meeting commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Declaration of Universal Human Rights.

Efrén Martínez Pulgarón, Cuba Free Press.

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