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December 7, 1998, Cuba Free Press.

AUTHORITIES PUT BLIND DISSIDENT WITH AGGRESSIVE PATIENTS By Odalys Curbelo and Ricardo González Alfonso, Cuba Press,

HAVANA - Government authorities have sent Milagros Cruz Cano, 30, blind dissident, to the "Cordoba" wing of the psychiatric hospital here known as Mazorra, according to her mother Mrs. Caridad Cano Cruz.

The young woman was detained on December 4 on the San Miguel de Padrón Street. Her neighbors informed her mother that they had seen some men forcing the daughter into a car. The authorities later told Mrs. Cano Cruz where her daughter was. She learned that the Cordoba wing is reserved for disordered patients who may become aggressive.

Dr. Carlos Rubalcava is said to be in charge of the case. Mrs. Cano was denied the opportunity to talk to her daughter by phone.

The same action occurred two years ago, when Milagros was confined for political activities.

Observers are commenting that in the ex-Soviet Union, dissidents often were sent to mental hospitals even though they were quite sane. A spokesman for the Lawton Human Rights Coundation has expressed its concern for Milagros' life because "she is firm in her convictions and would not surrender under pressure."

Odalys Curbelo and Ricardo González Alfonso, Cuba Free Press.

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