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November 26, 1998

CUBANS POLLED ON PINOCHET MATTER. By Odalys Curbelo, Cuba Free Press

HAVANA - This reporter canvassed the populace in the streets of Havana regarding the decision of the British Chamber of Lords in the Pinochet Affair. The Lords indicated it was legal for Great Britain to send General A. Pinochet, once dictator of Chile, to Spain for trial on charges of crimes committee during his regime.

Elizardo Sánchez Santa Cruz, president of the National Commission of Human Rights and National Reconciliation, said: "The Chamber of Lords has acted as the voice of the universal conscience to underline that there is no immunity from the responsibilities of direct or indirect crimes against humanity. At the same time I trust that the path Chile has achieved in its transition to democracy as well as the age and health of Agusto Pinochet will be taken into account."

Adolfo Fernández Saínz, Secretary of International Relations, Democratic Solidarity Party, said: "I believe in the globalization of justice and in the lack of immunity of assassins. It is important that people who have crimes pending be judged. This practice should be expanded to all criminals. But I also believe that the court should consider that Pinochet, in submitting to a plebiscite played a very important part in the transition of his country to democracy."

Dr. Iraida León, former president of the Independent Medical Association, said: "It's fabulous. I believe that this is the beginning of justice applied independent of rank or position. It is very important that justice be globalized."

Ezperanza Jorge, retired teacher and a practicing Catholic, said: "I've always believed in justice and I respect anything that benefits humanity, it expresses God's justice."

Pedro Luis Cruz, Lawyer who practices independently, said: "I agree that justice should be applied to this dictators who caused so much suffering in Chilean families. I foresee that this is a good beginning of a process that would put on the bench of the accused all remaining dictators."

By Odalys Curbelo, Cuba Free Press

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