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October 29, 1998, Cuba Free Press.


The most beautiful occurrence during these past three years since Cuba Free Press began has always been for me the very act of writing. The contact, now primitive, with a sheet of paper, the smell of the machine and its inked ribbon and then the words that gather with a pattern that provides a splendid passage, almost tangible, of paragraphs with their imperfections and watchwords.

Beautiful have been moments in which I have exercised the liberty of editing news or writing commentaries, booknotes or chronologies, without having anyone impose on me certain required slogans or set me upon paths which I must follow, without voices that order me to obey, except for my conscience, my fears, the limitations on my formation and the certainty that I defend no ideology: I try to perceive the truth and, in this circumstance, if the material is adequate, the good intentions are visible.

It is this moment which gratifies and rewards superbly despite the obstacles and the triviality. In those thousand days, many ugly things happened and I am certain that in the next thousand such things will continue to happen. Such ugliness I leave to the historians of scatology, calumny and attacks against the traditions, because they too have rights to relish fresh writing that has fruitful grace.

Meanwhile, the orchestra of club wielders and the police becomes every day more likely to play its funeral music.

Cuba Free Press has allowed me to approach and even touch liberty and also gave me another dimension in life, the happiness to have become acquainted with Ana Luisa López Baeza, Tania Quintero, Marvin Hernández, Odalys Curbelo and Ernestina Rosell, five women whom I have seen renew their lives and rebuild themselves.

And others, like my brothers Juan Antonio Sánchez, Ricardo González, Germán Castro, Ariel Tapia, Iván García, Orlando Bordón, Juan Carlos Recio, Jesús Labrador, Esteban Díaz and Plácido Hernández; day by day they gave me new lessons in humanity and professionalism which contributed and still add to the strength essential here, each minute, so as to shake off the ghosts of intolerance and the sagas of totalitarianism.

They made up the abstraction that is Cuba Free Press, a news agency to which we need only add the adjective "independent" to demonstrate the state of our reservoirs and of our technical department.

As for those inside and outside Cuba who slander, attack and defame us, perhaps our revelations may serve as a remedy: And we will work every day.

Three years of this adventure in the search of opening spaces of liberty for the media in Cuba - and it continues! Thanks to the friends who back us.

One final note: I know there are people interested in writing and theorizing about the history of alternative journalism in Cuba. Since I learned that, I have been unable to forget a quotation from an ex-Soviet functionary before he began to review some of the communist writers. He said, "Our future is uncertain but our past is indelible."

By Raul Rivero, Cuba Free Press

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