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October 21, 1998, Cuba Free Press.

CUBANS 'DISAPPEAR' ONE HORSE THAT WAS VERY SICK by Juan Carlos Recio Martínez, Cuba Free Press.

CAMAJUANI - When Juana saw the horse with a ferret hanging from his snout, her first thought was to run. But then she realized that there was a fence between herself and the two animals, and she relaxed.

The horse shook his head violently and rid himself of the ferret. Still bleeding, he broke his rope and bolted, galloping in the corral. Juana, still upset with the spectacle, looked for Landy, the horse'e owner, and told him what had happened.

Landy went to the field and with great difficulty treated the wound, calming animal.

Four days later, Landy's horse completely lost its mind. He would kick at any approaching animal or person, including his owner. He would run wildly, foaming at the mouth, bucking, then have spasms while looking as if its eyes would spring out of their sockets.

When Landy brought the veterinarian it was too late. The verdict was: "It is rabies, friend. The only thing you do is to shoot and then burn it..."

The police answered the owner's call and shot the horse with six bullets.

The onlookers were verbally warned about the illness carried by the horse's corpse which lay in the middle of the field. In spite of this, as soon as the police left, and Landy, the owner, who lives two blocks away, went to get the necessary gear for the incineration, a human avalanche waving knives and machetes charged the horses carcass.

As quoted from an observer: "The rabid horse, there amongst the militants, criminals, and neighbors and strangers from the surrounding areas, soon was no more than bones, while the vultures, which watched prudently from a distance, were left only the legs, the head and the skin."

There is no literature in this event. When Landy of Camajuani in the Province of Villa Clara returned with the needed equipment, he found the remains.

He was able to leave there on the field only a trace, or at best a few ashes, to comply with his duties as a citizen.

Juan Recio Martínez, Cuba Free Press.

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