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HAVANA, October 3, 1998, Cuba Free Press.


"Terrible! Terrible! It was the worst thing that has happened in my life," said Caridad Castellanos Doce in describing the physical treatment of her family by government police and a mob on October 2.

Castellanos Doce, 61, is the daughter of the revolutionary martyr Lidia Doce Sanchez and the mother of Manuel Antonio Gonzalez, Cuba Press correspondent in Holguin.

Gonzalez was taken prisoner by troopers of the Office of State Security (OSS) the night of October 1.

The Gonzalez family did not know his whereabouts until the next morning when one of them telephoned the police in the town where they live, San German, in Holguin. The police said Gonzalez was being held at the station because of having committed the crime of disrespect (desacato) of the "Commander in Chief."

"We all went to the police station, and there they treated us like dogs," said Ana Virgen Gonzlez Castellanos, the journalists sister. "We protested. We complained to the government agents and then a group of people that the police had mobilized, right there, conducted a meeting of `repudiation against us.

"We came home and because of the anger we felt we covered our windows, doors, and walls with the letters, `Down with Fidel! What heppened next is beyond description. It might be said that the biggest meeting of repudiation hit us, the worst that has ever happened in Cuba!"

The two women said that during the fracas, agents of the Political Police of Public Order kicked and beat on the door of their home, forcing it open

Ana Virgen said, "They hit my son, Leonardo, 23, and daughter, Yoani, 22. Im sure that from the pain, they must have cracked one of Leonardos ribs. They pulled Yoani by the hair. She screamed and shouted anything that came to her mind and they threatened to break her mouth if she didnt shut up. I told her not to say a word more. The agents took both of them to the police station. Meanwhile, my brother Manuel Antonio already is in the provincial prison."

Ana Virgen also said the political prisoner Roberto Rodriguez Rodriguez was beaten "savagely" by the political police, since he was visiting the Doce home.

They took him away bleeding a lot from one eye, which I believe he might lose."

Both women said 2,000 or more people were brought by trucks and buses to surround their house for the mob of repudiation demonstration. The women said said the participants were mobilized as "factors" of the so-called Unique System of Vigilance and Protection (SUVP). Among the mob were primary and secondary school "pioneers" as well as high school students and workers from different centers.

"The workers from the Cattle Company hadnt even been able to take time to eat their meal."

Led by the political police, the mob shouted the purported offenses of the family: "Worms, counterrevolutionaries, `countryless (apátridas)" and repeated threats.

The familys telephone service was suspended and this correspondents sources have been unable to reach her.

At the time of the transmission by phone of this report, Cuba Free Press was unable to learn whether the great grandchildren of Lidia Doce Sanchez, Leonardo and Yoani Varona Gonzalez, had been freed by the Political Police.

Ana Luisa López Baeza, Cuba Free Press.

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