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>HAVANA, September 30, 1998, Cuba Free Press

GOVERNMENT PROSECUTOR ACCUSES GROUP OF FOUR WITH INCITING SUBVERSION By Ana Luisa López Baeza, Cuba Free Press. HAVANA - The government's prosecutor, Edelmira Pedriz, has spelled out the regime's charges against the Group of Four, the Working Group of Internal Dissidence: Vladimiro Roca, Marta Beatriz Roque, Ren Gmez Manzano and Flix Bonne.

He said the four had elaborated and disseminated diverse messages among distinct social sectors both outside and inside Cuba. By such actions, he said, "they expressly incited subversion of our state socialist order by means of a boycott of the 1997 elections and the avoidance of compliance with the Foreign Investment Act (No. 77) approved by the National Assembly of People's Power on September 5, 1995."

The prosecutor recognized that the four did not employ weapons or violence but said their acts "were unequivocally directed at undermining the stability of the Cuban state."

Giving specific examples of the supposed crimes of the four, the prosecutor cited a document that the four directed at all foreign businessmen who invest in Cuba. It said their investments might be considered in the near future "as a form of complicity with the unfortunate circumstances that the Cuban population suffers."

The prosecutor indicated that it was a crime to demand that the investors follow the "Arcos principles" and, in conformity with them, ignore the Cuban laws pertaining to labor contracts and the procedures for resolving labor disputes and forming labor unions not integrated into the Cuban Workers Central (CTC).

He also charged that through the United States' Radio Marti, the Miami Spanish daily Diario de Las Americas, the Miami Spanish daily El Nuevo Herald and at news conferences attended by representatives of various Cuba-accredited news agencies, the Group of Four had called upon the compatriots in exile to study the documents, "The Motherland Belongs to Everybody," and "The Call to the People of Cuba," presented by the Group of Four.

Ana Luisa López Baeza, Cuba Free Press.

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